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disney-img18A trip to the spectacular world of Walt Disney can be the trip of a lifetime but can be very costly. Hotels at Disney World are beautiful but quite expensive. When you stay at one of these hotels it also means that you most likely will be dining at the hotel, and this can add to your expenses. There are also several opportunities to spend extra money as you are tempted by the merchandise at the souvenir shops and boutiques. A Disney discount guide can show you ways to save money on your trip to Disneyworld.

One of the ways to cut costs is to rent a vacation home or a condo instead of staying at a hotel.

There are several vacation rentals such as condos, apartments, and homes available in the Orlando and the Kissimmee areas. They are very cheap compared to staying on site and the locations are close enough to the parks but provide the ability to be able to dine in more reasonable restaurants and have a lot more space.

Online you can find many sites that rent out vacation homes and condos. The majority of these are privately owned and owners utilize websites to rent the venues. The costs can vary from $75 per night for a furnished 2 bedroom condo to $375 for a 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom house. There is always a kitchen area, living area and a minimum of 2 bathrooms.

Some additional fees and taxes may apply such as cleaning fees, damage deposit, rental tax and processing fees but the overall costs will still be much less than a single room on the Disney parks or resort areas. For a longer stay of over 5 nights, the price will be cheaper and more affordable compared to a shorter stay which can become unaffordable with the additional charges.

You can prepare breakfast in the kitchen before you start off the day and at night you can make your own dinner rather than eat out. Restaurant meals are fine in limited quantities but you can get tired of them quickly. Additional benefits can include a private pool, game room, spa, bathroom, kitchen, washer, dryer and garage. There will also be a lot of sheets and towels as well as dishes, cutlery, mini appliances and pots on site. Most homes also have laundry detergent, coffee, dishwashing materials, and trash bags to start you off but you may need to bring some of your own supplies.

If you cannot afford to stay on Disney property, renting a condo or vacation home may be the way to go.  While a Disney Hotel is special and well designed it is at the end of a long day just a place to sleep. Two beds, a bathroom, closet, and dresser. The ambiance is nice but most of the fun is in the sights and attractions. My husband and I prefer to stay on Disney property at one of the resorts, in fact, we became Disney Vacation Club members years ago so that we could better afford to go more than once a year but not everyone can do that. 

A trip to Disney World can indeed be the trip of a lifetime for most families and is considered among the top vacation destinations in the world, but it can also be very expensive.

You can look for vacation homes or condos here.  Do some comparing.  Make sure to check out special offers at Disney too before you rule out staying on Disney property.  Disney offers special rates at different times of the year and they are worth checking into. 

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