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Disney World is probably the most popular theme park in the world with attractions, rides, characters…the works! There is no doubt no one goes to Disney World to get headaches. To prevent unnecessary muscle and head pain, it is best to be prepared.

Proper Season

It is best to go to Disney World during the off-season, which is roughly around early January to mid-February, or after Labor Day through mid-December. During the off-season, there are fewer people, less congestion and fewer headaches. What’s more, it rarely gets cold in Florida, even during winter season. It gets swelteringly hot and humid during summer, so winter really is the best time to go.

The Proper Lodgings

Although it is cheaper to stay in hotels outside of Disney World, the extra cash you’ll have to cough up if you stay inside is more than made up for by the comfort and convenience of an inside stay.

Imagine getting transportation from your room, then going through the 47 square mile area that is Disney world, then traveling back to your Hotel… exhausting isn’t it?

The Proper Schedule

Where to actually go once you get there is determined by your choice of companions, kids, teenagers or adults.  If you have children you more than likely will make the first stop Magic Kingdom.  It’s the place to be!

The Places the Kids will Love

The kids will love going through Cinderella’s Castle and visiting Fantasy Land or Mickey’s Toon Town.  The little tots will surely love all the characters roaming around these areas. The rides in these parts are built for six year old children and below.  Moms and dads can still squeeze themselves in if they want.

Adults or Teens

A trip to the Magic Kingdom may be in order if you’re with big kids too. You can go to Splash Mountain to get wet or to Space Mountain to get some indoor roller-coaster. And fun for the bumpy person, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad should be enough to satisfy their taste for adventure.

Rides for Everyone

If you want something that everyone can enjoy, a ride in the Walt Disney World Railroad can rest those tired feet and at the same time give you an enjoyable view of Magic Kingdom.

Haunted Mansion, although not really for very young kids, can be a thrill for toddlers,  and older children.  It is a ride so there is no tripping or running involved.

For relaxing walks, try the Tiki Room Show or the Swiss family Tree House.

The Proper Dining Experience

For cute snacks, try the Aloha Isle inside Adventureland, they conjure up creative drinks and snacks, a good place to try something cute and different.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe provides a cool indoor dining area between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland where you can enjoy your food to your heart’s content.

If you want one of the good old American classics, try Casey’s Corner on the corner Main Street.  Their foot-long hotdogs and french fries are to die for.

There is something for everyone at Disney World, so start planning your travel now.

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